Saturday, June 25, 2011

Yoga Teacher Intuition

I taught two yoga classes this morning to two very different groups of people in two very different settings.

I had a really hard time finding the vibe of the first class.  I couldn't get a good read if the flow was moving naturally and if the class and I were breathing on the same wave length. As a yoga teacher I know to check for physical cues in the class. Are their faces soft? Are they breathing? Do their poses look forced or are they moving into them intentionally and effortlessly?

All the physical signs were there of a good class, and they certainly seemed happy/calm/peaceful as they rolled up their mats after savasana. But I just couldn't shake the feeling that something was "off."

On the other hand, my teacher's intuition tells me the second class "clicked." I felt the yoga vibe in the room and I was feeding off the energy in the class as much as the class was feeding off my energy. We seemed to move together in unison, the class almost anticipating my thoughts.

As a yoga teacher, I never take savasana with my class. But I left the second class feeling as happy/calm/peaceful as they did.

What was the difference? Was there even a difference? Or is it just my perception that is different?

I know not every class can be a slam dunk. Some classes are awesome and inspiring. And some are just good. But even just good yoga is still good yoga, right?

As I write this I'm realizing that when I was driving to class #1, I was thinking ahead (aka worrying) if I would be able to get to class #2  in time. What if traffic on I-40 was backed up? I like to hang out a few minutes and talk to my classes but today I couldn't let myself stay too long or I'll be late for the next site.

So maybe that's it. I was so busy thinking ahead to the future I couldn't give my full attention to the present moment. Ahhh, the yoga teacher lost her awareness!

Perhaps if I'd kept myself focused on class #1 I would have felt the vibe. Today was the first Yoga in the Park of the summer - something everyone has been looking forward to all dreary winter and stormy spring.

At one point I was aware of the breeze from the trees. And I think there were birds chirping. The sun must have been warm on my skin because I have a bit of a tan tonight. I bet I would have really enjoyed all that if I'd have let myself be aware of it earlier today.

I'm pretty sure my yoga teacher intuition was working today. But my "stay present in the moment" yoga mantra was lost for a bit.

Damn, I hate when the yoga teacher has to learn her own lessons.