The Divorce Chronicles

Divorce sucks.

Even if you end up better off after the ending of your marriage, (please dear God I pray I do) it still sucks.

Many times during my divorce I couldn't write. Sometimes I couldn't not.

Looking over my posts this past year I can see the progression from despair, to hopelessness, to anger, to fear, to hopeful and to happiness. Now that I'm a year out, other people are turning to me asking me how I did it, how I made it through it all.

I have no freaking idea.

But here's the story: 

August 24, 2012: Purging The Pain
September 1, 2012: One Month
September 10, 2012: When Sleep Won't Come and Nightmares Won't Stop
September 29: 2012: End of An Era
October 7, 2012: Love Forever
October 14, 2012: The Leaves Are Dying. And So Am I
October 19, 2012: A Reminder From My Child
November 1, 2012: Month of Gratitude
November 9, 2012: Month of Gratitude November 9
November 14, 2012: Month of Gratitude November 14
November 18, 2012: Month of Gratitude November 18
November 22, 2012: Month of Gratitude November 22
December 12, 2012: Strong Women, Creating Art & Finding a Rich New Life
February 9, 2013: How Good It Feels
February 12, 2013: The Tooth Fairy Sucks
March 2, 2013: I Hate The Night
March 26, 2013: Single Mom Working Mom
March 30, 2013: My Momma Raised Me Better
May 6, 2013: The Wife vs. The Mistress
June 13, 2013: Nowhere Else But Here
August 1, 2013: One Year: Loss, Learning and a New Life

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