Friday, April 13, 2012

I Accept This Award and Pass It Forward To...

I've been a little behind on reading both my Twitter feed and favorite blog list, so it took me a couple days to realize my fellow blogger Yoga Crystal had written a post making me one of her favorite bloggers and offering me a Liebster Award.

I have to admit, I wasn't sure what  Liebster was at first or if it was a good thing. Turns out it's quite a good thing. Liebster is a German word meaning "dearest" and the award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers.

To Yoga Crystal - thank you, I'm honored to be included amongst so many great writers.

As part of the award, I now get to pass it on to five of my favorite bloggers. Please, go check out these fellow writers:

1. Transformation Information. My dear friend Jilda writes daily about yoga, her dogs and her life. I'm privileged to know Jilda in person, and every time I'm in her presence I feel calm and peaceful. That serenity comes through in her writing as well. And although he has too many followers to be eligible for the Liebster Award, also check out Jilda's husbands blog Life 101.  Rick is a local newspaper columnist in Alabama and he writes real life personal interest stories.

2. This Is Who I Really Am. Travis is a runner, yogi and big time music lover. Each week he writes about a song that inspires him and finds a way to relate it to his - and his readers - life. Read his "Music Monday: Bully" post from April 3, 2012. It's powerful.

3. The Pondering Yogini. I have no idea why Meredith only has 60 followers. She is a fellow yoga teacher who often writes about applying yoga lessons to her life. She's also one of the founders of the Twitter Yoga Book Club. Her meditation posts always inspire me to sit and get quiet myself.

4. Slimming Down to Sexy. Honest, humorous writing from Natalie about her weight loss journey. She details her successes and her failures in a way we can all relate to.

5. YIOM. This one might be kind of cheating because I'm going to sneak in two great blogs in one here.  The YIOM (Yoga Inspired Online Movement) site is a collaboration of yoga bloggers, a list of their blog sites, and once a month a review of the months writing. The YIOM site is cared for by Thais who writes one of my top favorite blogs at Living In The k(N)ow.

6. Yes, I know I'm supposed to only have five. But I have to mention French Christmas. Noel is a writer I met two years ago during #reverb10. She sent me encouraging and touching messages as I wrote about my moms death from cancer. She is quite a talented writer.

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  1. Great list of blogs! Loving this sharing of new blogs to read and new people to reach out to. :) <3