Saturday, March 2, 2013

I Hate The Night

Eight months in and I still hate the night. The sadness creeps alongside the darkness and takes over.

During the day I'm busy being a single mom, full time working mom, teacher, manager, housekeeper, etc. I'm everything to everyone and no one is getting the best of me. I no longer have a best to give.

At night it's just me. Alone. Too much time to think.

No, really, I'm doing good. Getting better everyday. Stronger. More hopeful.

Unexpectedly it hits. A brick wall that crashes on top of me. I'm suffocating down here.

The people I loved have left me. 
The places I've loved are gone. 
Home is no longer home.


  1. Alone thriving. Bending beyond all reason into something new. The change isn't easy, but you are equal to anything set before you. You're a woman. Strength is in your DNA.

  2. You really are doing great Jennifer, glad to see you here.

    Love to you