Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Making My Own Yoga Sanctuary

Ah the blissful joys of a yoga sanctuary. I'll enter the separate room of my home and hear my yoga fountain bubbling in the background. I'll look over to the windows where the sun is shining and see my thriving bamboo plants creating a healthy air quality in my sacred space. 

Someday, yes someday.

But right now I live in the real world in a house not big enough for six kids, two dogs and never-ending dirty dishes.  And since I recently lost my job, going to a local studio and paying the $18 per class fee is out of the question. The good part though is it has forced me to get reacquainted with my home practice.

My home yoga space has only three criteria:
  • Fit into my already over scheduled, chaotic life
  • Be portable
  • Be multi-functional
So this means no bubbling fountains or large expensive Buddha statues.

It does mean keeping my yoga mat, bolster and block ready and waiting in my bedroom. I don't have much open space in my room, but it's enough to pop in a DVD and roll out my mat. Assuming, of course, all the laundry has been put away. 

Even with the windows open, it feels quiet and safe back here in my room. My own little secluded area. Except, of course, when the younger kids come in and lay on the bed and talk to me while I'm flowing vinyasas. Even that is OK. Multi-functional is the priority.

When the weather is really nice, my favorite place to practice is my backyard deck. The deck provides ample space,  the perfect mixture of sun and shade in the morning, a nice breeze and even birds chirping. 

I've planted some flowers around the deck and cleared off a nice open space where I'm still secluded by the privacy fence. I'm practicing out in the open, yet still feel safe and free. Savasana is even more enjoyable when I can lay on the mat, looking up through the trees at the blue sky and fluffy clouds.

The deck is also big enough that I can invite my yoga friends over to enjoy the space. A few years ago when my regular teaching center got flooded, class continued on the deck every Wednesday morning. We slathered on the sun screen, let the kids run around the backyard and we got our yoga on.

Now that I have the deck to myself again, I'm taking advantage of this rare solitary time in an otherwise crazy life. I love the quiet, the breeze, the sun and the space to roll out my mat. And there is still plenty of room for the dogs!

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