Tuesday, August 9, 2016

National Book Lovers Day

It's National Book Lovers Day!

Shout out to all of us who truly love books! And the rest of you, well I can't even begin to understand someone who tells me they don't love books.

I am the geeky girl who thinks a wild night out is a couple hours alone in a book store. I love the touch of books. I love to crack open a book and smell the new pages. And the sound the book makes as you open the spine for the first time. Pure bliss.

I've been in love with books longer than any man, any food or anything else in my life.

So when I wrote my own book it was very important to me that it be an actual book. Not just a Kindle version. Not that there is anything wrong with that, in fact a Kindle version should be coming out soon of Creating A Joyful Life: The Lessons I Learned From Yoga and My Mom, but I wanted actual physical copies of my book to be available.

I wanted to see a copy of my book on my bookshelf. I wanted to see a copy of my book sitting on the shelf in a bookstore.

Yes I love my children and they are my greatest joy (obligatory mom comment), but honestly, I felt such joy and pride last year looking at my book in the bookstore. A couple months later I went back to the bookstore to check on my book and ... it was gone!

I was crushed. Devastated. It wasn't on the shelf anymore.

But then it took one of my children (who really do bring me joy and pride as well), to point out that if the book wasn't there that means someone bought it!

Yes! My book was sitting on someone else's bookshelf!

I do most of my writing propped up on my bed. To my left is a three level high bookshelf. It has mostly yoga books and training manuals on it. Straight in front of me is one very long bookshelf that has a blend of fiction and nonfiction books. And to my right, on my nightstand, is the book I am currently reading (Fast Girl: A Life Spent Running From Madness by Suzy Favor Hamilton), the book I just finished (From Darkness To Light by Lindsey Lewis) and two other books in line to begin reading.

In recent years I've drifted away from books and more to my Kindle. I love the ease of being able to download any book I want directly on to the Kindle in just seconds. But, it's just not the same as books.

Earlier this summer our "kid computer" died for good and since I don't allow the kids to use my laptop, Kid 5 asked to borrow my iPad. Well he borrowed it three months ago and I still don't have it back.

But thats OK, because I've returned to my love of physical books.

In fact, I think I'll be planning a trip to the bookstore sometime very soon.

Yep, that's me pointing to my book. That just happened to be 
right next to Rachel Brathen's new book! (She's like a yoga goddess 
for those who don't know.) And my book is right next to hers!


  1. I can definitely relate, Jennifer. What a feeling to hold your book in your hands and take a deep breath. Your book is in good company. Thanks for visiting IWSG.

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