Sunday, January 8, 2017

Three Easy Steps For The Perfect Afternoon Nap

1. A cold and/or rainy afternoon
2. Fleece blanket
3. A puppy to snuggle with

I've never been a big napper. But lately for some reason I'm taking a nap just about every afternoon.

Not a long nap. Usually just a half hour. But I sleep better in that half hour than I do all night long!

Before I leave work I'll text Kid 5 to tell him I am on my way and be sure the puppy is wore out and ready for a nap. I get home, kick off my shoes, break my own rule of no dogs on the bed and we snuggle up under the blanket.

Best. Sleep. Ever.

1 comment:

  1. can you NOT get sleep snuggled up to that? My dog and I go to bed early when my husband is out of town. I work and she crashes. Sometimes her snoring interrupts me! I can't take naps, though. I always wake up with a monster headache.