Tuesday, February 14, 2017

But What Can I Do?

Everyday I look at the news and I say the same thing.

What. The Fuck.

These are definitely unprecedented political times.

I've mentioned before I am a tiny blue dot living in a very big red state. I wonder if even contacting my representatives is worth it since we are from opposing political parties and even further apart political ideologies.

But, silence isn't an option.

Today I found a neat way to keep in touch with my representatives on political topics that are important to me:

5calls.org breaks down the hot political debates, provides contact information for your representatives and even provides a suggested script to use when calling the Senator's office.

Today I called 2 Senators and my Congressman to urge them to investigate President Trumps ties to Russia. It was quick and easy.

More importantly, the women I spoke to on the phone told me that yes these calls do matter. She explained that they take down information on each call, tally the number of calls per topic and then relay every single call to the Senator or Congressman. 

My one lone call may not make a difference. But when we all call and make our voices heard they can't ignore us.

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