Monday, September 27, 2010

Strong Moms and Deep Breaths

Seven elephants were recently killed by a train in India. Five female elephants stopped on the tracks and refused to move when two baby elephants were trapped on the rails.

This blog isn’t to compare myself to an elephant (way too many opportunities for jokes there).  But rather to point out that all mothers will do anything and stand in the face of any danger to protect their babies.

Two of my kids have had bad accidental falls this summer and broken bones. Both required orthopedic surgeons, emergency room reductions and surgery. Each time I was the one in the room while the doctors manipulated the bones back in to place despite the kids crying and pleas to stop.

The elephant story came to mind today when I met with the most recent orthopedic surgeon. When she entered the room, she said, “Oh Mrs. Fields. So you’re the one who gave Dr Beatty a hard time the other night.”

Excuse me?  Let’s get something straight right now. I did not give any doctor a hard time. The ER doctor told me to wait in the family room while they did the reduction. I said no I’d prefer to stay.  When he arrogantly told me “I take care of kids not moms” I simply looked him in the eye and said “I Am Not Leaving.”

I guess he realized I had elephant tendencies and said fine just sit over there. Which I obediently did for about 2 minutes until Danny started crying again.  Then, as any mom would, I stood up and held Danny’s head and whispered into his ear it was going to be ok.

The doctor looked at me when I stood next to the table, I looked back at him, and I stayed.  You can’t push a jumbo elephant mom around.

People have told me they wouldn’t have been able to stay and watch that. I wouldn’t have been able to leave. I don’t think it makes me strong or heroic or brave. It just makes me a mom who was protecting her child.

How did I get through it? I’m not sure. Except I remembered to breathe.  And each time I told Danny I know it hurts, just breathe, it also calmed me down. And of course the texts and facebook messages coming to my phone all throughout the night from friends and fellow yogi’s reminding me to breathe helped as well.

What choice does a mom have when protecting her child? Just take a deep breath and do what needs done to stop the tears and take away the pain.

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  1. Elephants or she bears, God made a mama's heart to protect her young. Ya done good, mama.