Monday, December 20, 2010

Lunar Love

The moon is magic.

The sun is necessary and purposeful. But the moon, the moon moves the tides. The moon takes her time manifesting her fullness. She shows off her round and glorious waves for a short time, and then fades again.

The moon is the genesis of fantasy and dreams. Men have died trying to reach the moon just to touch its magic dust and leave their footprints on its surface.

Lovers share a first kiss and whisper their devotions under the moon.

Poets have gazed at the moon and found the inspiration to put pen to paper in honor of her beauty.

Lost souls drop to their knees and cry out their prayers to God after being awe-struck by the moon.

Demons are released by howling at the moon.

Tonight is the darkest, longest night of the year. The moon, the sun and the planet are aligning in invitation to stand in awe, to dream, to weep, to love, to pray and to howl.

"Stay with the dark.....until you forgive yourself, lose yourself, love yourself, become your Self. See you on the other side of the Moon when she delivers the Sun. Blessed Be." ♥ - BJ Galvan