Thursday, December 23, 2010

Namaste TV iPhone App

Don't leave home this holiday season without first downloading the Namaste Yoga TV app.

The chaos and stress of the holidays can make it difficult to continue with a daily yoga practice. Now, thanks to Namaste Yoga TV, it's easier than ever to take yoga with you anywhere you go.

Available for both iPhone and iPad, the new Namaste Yoga TV app stands out among the crowd of monotonous yoga apps and podcasts.

Unlike other apps that are nothing more than a series of still shots or audio only, the Namaste Yoga TV app is a complete set of 13 full tv episodes.

Each episode is about 22 minutes, perfect for a quick early morning routine or mid-day break. A couple days when I had more time, I would play two episodes back to back, getting in almost an hours worth of yoga.

Narrated by the soothing and almost hypnotic voice of Kate Potter, the episodes offer a warm up, dynamic flow, cool down and short savasana. The episodes include beginner, intermediate and advanced practices. The vinyasa flows are introduced in such a progressive way that even the most basic beginner will find success in each episode.

I've been using the app for two weeks now and haven't experienced any of the technical issues some apps frustrate their users with. Each episode played smoothly with no screen freezes.

I'll be travelling myself next week and will certainly be using my yoga mat and Namaste Yoga TV iPhone app to help me keep the holiday craziness in check.

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