Friday, September 9, 2011

Please Don't Feed The Ego Monster

I had a bit of an ego flare up tonight. Thankfully it was only temporary, but it hit fast and furious.

Just so you realize how ridiculous of an ego episode this was, picture the setting: I'm propped up in bed with my MAC on my lap, wearing pajamas with chocolate stains down the front, a pint of Ben & Jerry's on the nightstand and reruns of America's Got Talent on TV. Pretty glamorous scenario right?

As I was browsing through Facebook a post caught my eye. Well, actually it made me gag on my Ben & Jerry's. Here's the funny thing about Facebook. No matter how pure and holy and respectable you make your posts, I remember you from high school. And I remember when you... well, you know what you did.

I'm so flummoxed over what I read that I have to click the link that goes with the post. I quickly realize there are some truths being hidden and some qualifications being stretched - a lot. This post in no way affects me personally, but for some reason I'm feeling indignant and righteous.

So what does a yoga teacher striving for enlightenment do in this situation?

Well I texted my sister of course and told her quick get on Facebook!

My sister, who always has my back, agrees that yes this post is a big load of manure. We then not-very-maturely spend some time texting barbs back and forth to each other about the post. My sister is very funny and some of her comments had me literally laughing out loud. But I won't reprint them here because this blog post is my attempt to improve my karma.

I looked at the post one more time and realized who cares? It's Facebook, after all.

This post has no power over me other than what I give it. This post can't take away the good work day I had. This post doesn't take away the progress I made with my clients today. This post doesn't negate the years of work and dedication I've put into my field.

This post is not about me.

This post, truthful or not, is hers and her karma to deal with. My reaction to it is my karma to deal with.

Thanks Facebook, another lesson learned along the yogic path. 


  1. Ha, this made me think of something I stumbled upon on the interwebs the other night.

  2. true true true! love it- the humor, the honesty, and i love the question "So what does a yoga teacher striving for enlightenment do in this situation?" and even more the answer. I really should ask myself that question next time when I am peeved. I like how you acknowledged and work through this struggle. "This post has no power over me other than what I give it."
    I really have to remind myself this when I get worked up by a difficult situation. (ie family members fighting, confrontation, nasty traffic)
    and finally, I really think social networking is such a double edged sword...

  3. Sometimes I have to remind myself to let my heart grow bigger than anything Facebook sends my way. Also, I hide A LOT of people. ;)

  4. i love facebook bc its a constant reminder of how powerful our egos are. FB is all about showing the world this ideal happy life, a life that is perfect. blah. F*** them all. =D