Monday, October 3, 2011

Reminder to Myself

I've spent the past few weeks lamenting how busy and over scheduled I am. Admittedly this is a pattern I find myself repeating all too frequently.

After last weeks mini-breakdown over socks on the living room floor I decided enough - I physically, mentally and emotionally can't keep up this schedule. Well actually I could keep up the pace but I can't afford the staff I'd need to hire to do it!

So, like my dear friend Jilda at Transformation Information says, I put on my big girl panties and began paring down my schedule. I must say, it was actually nice to make dinner a couple nights this past week, watch the kids soccer game and not feel beat up by the time the day is over.

But, as is my pattern, I began to doubt my decision to slow down. My mind became clouded with "what if..." and "how will I pay for..." and "will I ever be able to...." type thoughts.

Then today, totally unexpectedly, someone handed me a candid picture they had snapped of me and kid #5. I barely remember this picture being taken. I had just finished telling the party host we couldn't stay for the whole party because we had three other parties to get to that day. I heard someone call my name, I turned  around, a flash went off, and I went right back to my rush, rush attitude.

I'm framing this picture and hanging it somewhere I'll see it everyday. It will be my reminder that yes, this is part of the reason why I work so hard. But it's also a bigger part of the reason I need to slow down.

Work in a way that does not create more stress.
-- Judith Hanson Lasater


  1. It is so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life. It's much harder to say no to the next shiny new thing. But, as you say, it's finding the simplicity in what is important and being mindful of staying there as much as possible.

  2. GOOD LUCK!! i know all ab overbooking myself.. sometimes i find myself doing it because i do not want to sit still... like there is something scary in the present moment. so i make all these excuses why i HAVE to keep moving. and then when i do sit still thats when reality of life comes rushing back to me. only once i sit through that do i realize that there is nothing to fear ab sitting still. love you dear friend!!

  3. It looks like your t-shirt either says Live Life or Love Life ~ either way, and even if it doesn't say either, what a great message...


  4. People have a different motivation or inspiration why do they work hard and I admire your sincerity and passion in bringing the best for your family.

  5. Meredith - I should follow the advice of my t-shirts more often!
    Yoga all day - thank you those are very kind words.