Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This Is Somebody's Child - KONY 2012

Today I took kid #1 to get his driver's license. I paid the license fee and then let him take my car to his girlfriends house and then to dinner at Subway. I gave kid #2 the money he needed to eat dinner out with his rugby team. Kids #3 & #5 went to Tae Kwon Do tonight in cleanly washed uniforms and the paid registration for their upcoming belt tests. I filled out the forms and inserted the check to order kid #4's t-shirt for both her class and student council. Kid #6 played math games on my MAC most of the afternoon.

My kids don't even know how blessed and privileged they are. If you have children, I'm guessing they are equally blessed and privileged.

Not all children are. And it's easy to ignore it.

This video is long, but it's good. And these kids are somebodys child.

UPDATE 3/8/12: Yes, I am aware and was aware before posting that there was criticism towards the Invisible Children Organization. However, it does not negate the atrocities that continue to happen, nor lessen the evil of Joseph Kony. There are numerous organizations dedicated to helping, but none will be successful until enough regular citizens stand up and demand Kony be arrested and convicted as a war criminal.

For more information, I also recommend the book A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of  Boy Soldier.

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  1. Please, Please research the Kony2012 campaign carefully. They are demanding US military intervention in Central Africa. Remember Iraq - one million dead, half of them children and neither Bush nor Blair ever brought to justice for these war crimes.