Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Freestyle Writing 3/24/17

Our new puppy chewed up my McKenzie Roll cervical roll pillow. It wasn't expensive, but she chewed it up and it was mine :( The cervical roll is the only thing I've found that helps my messed up neck to not get even more messed up and cause me pain and headaches. And I've bought more than a couple way more expensive pillows specially designed for neck support. Now I have to order another one from Amazon but for some reason haven't done it yet. Oh I also need to order another bottle of the Glucosamine for my fingers. I'm refusing to admit age is setting in and perhaps arthritis, but I do feel better when I take the Glucosamine daily. For a while there I thought I had gout in my thumb. I mean I knew it wasn't really gout but man it was really sore and kinda warm to the touch. I started taking the Glucosamine again and it is improving quickly. Which leads to the arthritis theory which goes back to the getting older issue.

I told someone today that I am working on my second book. Lies, all lies. Unless you count thinking about working on my second book. And even though I always procrastinate in my writing, I think I figured out why this time. But, I'll save that for the intro to the second book. Which I really am (thinking about) getting to work on.

Why is my face so red and warm the past couple days? It's really weird. I'm not sick. I have been using a new face moisturizer recommended by the dermatologist to "heal some damaged skin cells that could lead to skin cancer". But I've been using it for a couple months now so surely it's not a reaction to that after this long. Today I taught step aerobics and my face and arms got really red. Now the room as exceptionally hot to start, and I haven't taught step in probably six months. But still, I was really red. I hope I'm not getting sick.

Now that my broken foot isn't quite as broken, I've gotten back into the swing of things in the gym. I was thinking today that I need a good weightlifting program for women so I decided to take a look online for free programs. What utter pieces of crap. After looking through a few sites, and getting annoyed at the bad alignment in the pictures, I remembered oh yeah, I already know all this. I am a personal trainer after all.

My cat just jumped and caught a mosquito out of the air.

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  1. =) I hope you're doing better and that your pillow arrived. Too bad you didn't catch the cat on video, eh?