Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Writing A Book, Just Writing Anything, Is An Accomplishment

Publicity for my book seems to come in waves. There's total silence and zero sales for a month or two, and then suddenly a flurry of activity and sales. I can't always pinpoint what leads to the sudden sales increase, but I am always grateful for it.

Right now I'm in a sales upswing which also leads to more local people finding out about my book. While ninety percent of the people are always positive and encouraging, there are always those few that seem to want to diminish my achievement.

Did you try and get published with Random House?
Oh, my friend wrote a book and was interviewed by (insert name of television person I haven't even heard of here)?
How many books have you sold?
How much money did you make?
I thought authors made a lot of money?
Why haven't you written a second book yet?
JK Rowling wrote her books as a single mom on the train? Why can't you make more time to write?

I remember when the book first came out one guy I don't even know on social media kept telling me it wasn't a "real book" if one of the major publishing houses didn't publish it. He went away pretty quick when I asked for the link to his bestselling book. (He didn't have one of course.)

I'm pretty good about not letting the haters get me down. It's just such a weird phenomenon. I don't know why people are so quick to critique everything. 

I tell fellow writers publishing a book doesn't make you a real writer. Writing makes you a real writer. 

Just in case you missed all the other links I've posted, you can find my book Creating A Joyful Life: The Lessons I Learned From Yoga and My Mom right here on Amazon.

This post is a part of the Insecure Writer's Support Group, a monthly meeting of writers who over think, under write and just want people to like them.


  1. Writing anything really is an accomplishment. A flash fiction piece, an essay, a poem. It all counts. :)

  2. Your book is a real book. I hate it when people start haggling from the peanut gallery. Sorry that someone like that had the nerve to say that to you. Good for you for asking him about his bestseller;)

  3. Ugh. Some people are pretty lame. It's nice that that attitude is going away with the Indie revolution, but it's going to be a while before it disappears.