Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stress and Sniff

Jennifer time has been missing lately.

Jennifer time is time to drive the 45 minutes to the closest yoga studio and take a class, or get a pedicure, or browse a bookstore. Alone. Only Jennifer is invited to Jennifer time.

I've been really busy lately teaching, training, and other assorted projects and I was feeling that sense of impending doom that comes when I'm being pulled in too many directions.

So this morning I cleared my schedule and began the drive into town. I left my house in plenty of time, but didn't take into account the leftover road damage from yesterday's storm. So with stop lights not working, I sat in traffic.

At first I was calm. I enjoyed the radio and caught up on my Twitter feed.

But my car still wasn't moving. At this point I'm not even sure I'm going to make it to class on time. And there is nowhere on this road to just turn around.

Warning - potential complete meltdown approaching.

I hate that I live so far away from a yoga studio! I hate this town! I hate this state for having such bad weather all the time! I hate this radio in this car! I hate I hate I hate!

I'm no longer practicing my yoga breathing but instead fighting the urge for primordial screaming.

Finally traffic starts moving and my non-yoga mantra becomes "slow down, this road is always full of cops".

I pulled into the studio parking lot with 3 minutes to spare. I ran thru the studio door, quickly signed in, kicked off my shoes and roughly rolled out my mat. I was full of pent up negative energy and ready to jump some chaturangas.

Instead, the teacher started us in meditation. And I melted. My breathing slowed, my anxiety calmed and I actually felt some peace. The rest of the class was a gently flowing practice that allowed my heart to open and my mind to clear.

During savasana the teacher placed lavender on our shoulders. The smell was all I needed for my final descent into yoga bliss.

Driving home I felt completely yogified. And then my cell phone rang.

It was the high school geometry teacher. Again. Kid number 1 has a lot of missing assignments. Again. He has detention this week to make up the assignments. Again.

As I hung up the phone, I turned my head to the side and sniffed my shoulder.

Ahh, lavender. I took a deep breath and smiled.


  1. Glad you took some YOU time! Well deserved! Glad you got your yoga bliss! Sometimes being stuck in traffic lets you appreciate it more! (I was stuck in traffic making it to your class tonight and tonight's class was magical!)

  2. it is hard to remember that at all times, we are where we are suppose to be, buy yourself some lavender, it will remind you. love and hugs

  3. It is so easy to get distracted by the negative, or frustration. Good for you for taking a moment to yourself!

  4. I love Meredith time and the smell of lavender. How often I've been in the same boat in traffic as you - glad you had yoga at the other end. OM Shanti


  5. Lately, I too have been feeling like not enough Sonia time. Constant giving at home and then at the studios; it's no wonder even yogis get the blues (title for one of my upcoming posts). Took a restorative yoga class on Monday and forced myself to slow down. Glad I did. And with that, I am off to teach! Great blog!

  6. Need to get out and take some classes that are not about yoga training....keep finding a million and one reasons why I can't. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. i feel you! the lavendar flowers can be carried around with you- i used to do that, in a little cotton pouch i made from a pretty fabric scrap-
    also- GEOMETRY - lord, they'll get through eventually- geometry sometimes needs to be explained differently- glad you got the right class for you!

  8. I love when teachers use lavender during savasana. It's one of my favorite scents. I dream of living in fields of lavender like that picture!