Friday, May 13, 2011

Freakin' Yoga: I Love/Hate The Way It Makes Me Feel

This post was meant to be published last night, but due to the Blogger outage was delayed.  

Warning: I’m in a pissy mood.

And when I’m in a mood it’s best for everyone to just leave me alone. Alone. Don’t talk to me, look at me or try to make me feel better.

Every person, every animal and every thing should just leave me alone. 

Yet over there in the corner it sits. Taunting me. Daring me.  It knows if I walk over to the corner of my room, pick it up, and sit on it I’ll feel better.

My yoga mat.

How many times have I been mad/sad/unhappy/frustrated/depressed/hormonal and stepping on the mat has healed me. Taking the time to sit with my emotions, allow them, express them if necessary and then breathe them away will rid my being of this negativity. 

I always feel better when I work my yoga. Always.

But I don’t want to right now. I want to wallow a bit longer. I know it’s not productive. I know its not healthy. I know it’s ridiculous but this is my pissy mood and I will enjoy it as I see fit. 

So leave me alone.

The yoga mat is still there. I swear it knows I’m trying to ignore it.

Damn that yoga mat.


  1. I really like the clip art. If I knew how to craft one of those, I'd make you one that you could sit on your yoga mat next time you're in a bad mood.

  2. I went through several days of this last week - it's like I'm reading my own thoughts on your blog. Damn yoga mat!!

  3. Hey Jennifer, You left a question on my blog about backing up your Blogger blogs. I normally did them month at a time but I found instructions on Blogger that are as follows:
    Click on Settings, Export Blog to backup all your posts and Comments. To backup your Design/Template, goto Layout, EDIT HTML and click the Download link.

  4. Let's kick somebody's butt and then go eat some chocolate. That's what Jilda usually wants to do.
    What's unfortunate for me is that it's usually my butt that gets kicked.
    I do enjoy the chocolate though.

  5. Oh, I know this feeling well. And I never go on the mat as soon as I should... maybe I'd be less pissy if I did.

  6. I love this post so much I came back to it this morning :) (I posted as MegP4 above.) It's just so refreshing to read your honesty. It ain't all peace, love & understanding all the time! At least not for me. Yet.

    To @Natalie - I actually have one of those! It's a sackperson from Little Big Planet for Playstation. It came with the package we got for the game. It makes me laugh every time I see it. Good idea to stick it on my yoga mat when I'm growly!

  7. A pissy day or two makes getting on the mat so much sweeter!


  8. Hey Jennifer, your dad mailed us a donation for the tornado relief.
    We planned to give it to one of the families yesterday but workmen were putting a FEMA trailer in place and we didn't want get in the way.
    It's the family with all the kids.

  9. Haha i love that posted about being pissy - sometimes i think bloggers are super human bc they always post from such a "happy" place. Thanks for being REAL =) and hey.. did you ever get on that mat?