Sunday, May 1, 2011

God Bless the South

God bless the South.

Those aren't usually the words I use when I talk about adjusting to life in the South. But those of us that live here are weary. It's been more than a week of one tornado inducing storm after another. The waves of torrential rain just keep coming.

We need a break.

The Mighty Mississippi is over flowing, causing flooding through the smaller rivers and local roads. Two of my close friends have moved their belongings upstairs and have their kids clothes packed in order to evacuate once the order is given. Another friend took her babies and left to her parents to get out of the way.

My kids have hid in the bathtub so often this week I've lost count of how many times I've given the order to get in and put the blankets over your head.

And we're the lucky ones.

The state of Alabama has been declared a disaster area. My dear friend Jilda, who writes at Transformation Information  has been out of touch for days now. She is safe and her house is still standing. But in the one brief message I got from her she said power is out everywhere and the area around her looks like a war zone. She and her husband are out helping in the search and recovery efforts.

My iPhone Weather Bug says the storms are supposed to continue a few more days. There are constant updates on the flood maps.

The South is on high alert again tonight.


  1. sending you my love! stay strong <3

  2. Best of luck, and thinking of everyone down south. Stay safe!