Monday, May 9, 2011

Magical Yoga Nights

Some nights teaching yoga is a job. A job I love, but still a job.

And some nights, teaching yoga is magical. The right words come out of my mouth without me even thinking about them. The vinyasas flow with ease. The energy in the room is electric and everyone can feel it.

Monday's are my crazy long days. By the time I get to my last two classes of the night I'm over tired, over hungry and my muscles are over worked. And yet, the yoga happens.

Tonight as I set up the room for my sixth of seven classes of the day, my class walked in grumpy and frustrated. They threw their mats down, complained about their jobs, and shared worries about the ever increasing flooding in our area.

My original plan was to have some fun with bakasana and baby bakasana, but instead I realized that what we all needed was to slow down and turn inwards. I began with a meditation and ended with a visualization on gratitude.

I really don't know where I pulled it out of, but it was there and through the grace of the divine it came through and it was perfect. We all left class feeling invigorated and inspired.

My last class of the night is teen-age ballerinas. Yep, seven long classes of the day ends with teen girls. No matter how tired or hungry I walk in to the dance studio, I always end up laughing and smiling. We've been working all year on core strength and alignment. It's getting very close to recital time so their minds really aren't on staying focused on a list of poses to work through.

So tonight, I blared the new Adele through the speakers and we choreographed a yoga dance. The whole dance was nothing but yoga asanas linked together in what the dance school owner called "an amazing modern dance choreography."

We had a blast. It was the perfect way to end the night.

I drove home feeling very grateful for the opportunity to have a job doing something I love. Nights like tonight remind me why I teach and keep me motivated to keep teaching.


  1. :( sniff, sniff... because of school, I'll miss your Monday night classes for a LONG time. They are always great! (all your classes are!)

  2. I have Adele in my car cd player! For the past week that is all I have listened to, how can someone that young write songs that wise?
    I am coming to Memphis to take your class sometime.

  3. That's awesome! I love what you did with your group of teen dancers! Way to go :)

  4. that sounds perfectly lovely! i want to come take your teenage ballerina yoga class. right up my alley. ;)