Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Don't Usually Get Political, But...

Dear out-of-touch-with-reality politicians -

If someone is willing to put their life in danger to serve in the military, I don't care who shares their bed at night.

Because I don't assume everyone is or should be a Christian and celebrate the same holidays I do doesn't mean I'm waging a war on religion.

I don't care how many wives you've had.

I want to pay my bills and send my kids to college.

Get out of my bed, get out of my religion and fix the economy.

Thank you,

A voting American who is not as dumb as you think.


  1. You sound completely insane and unreasonable... You should care! The very fabric of society is at stake! :) I think the truth is our system is pretty severely broken. I'm optimistic but it's getting harder by the day. I have reduced my intake of debates, news and political shows and that has made a huge difference. I will be heard on November 2012.

  2. Succinct and pithy! i Appropriate to politicians everywhere.....