Friday, December 2, 2011

One Of Us

December 2 – Sangha (Tribe)

Where have you discovered community in 2011? What are the defining characteristics and essential qualities of your tribe?

I'd been thinking about this prompt all day, conflicted about who really is a part of my tribe. Obviously family, obviously friends, obviously some coworkers. But who really gets me? Who do I feel a sisterhood with? Who do I feel I could say any secret to and they wouldn't be shocked or upset? Who would listen and then say "me too!"

Then today, someone I definitely consider part of my tribe, was telling me a story and halfway through she paused, leaned in, and whispered, "she's one of us."

And I knew what she meant.

I don't meet with all my members of my tribe regularly. But I know where to find them. And they find me when I need them. We don't all live in the same geographical location, but thanks to technology we can talk, meet, learn from each other and remind each other we're not alone.

I don't need to name names, I know who is a part of my tribe. And I love them for that.

This post is part of #reverb11, a series of daily writing prompts to explore the year passed and manifest the year ahead. I'm following the prompts found here.

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