Sunday, May 6, 2012

Yoga Cures by Tara Stiles

A few weeks ago I received an email from Crown Publishing Group asking if I'd like a review copy of Tara Stiles new book Yoga Cures.

Would I? Absolutely!

Tara Stiles is the owner of Strala Yoga in New York City (one of the studios to visit on my yoga bucket list), author of Slim Calm Sexy Yoga and star of yoga DVD's and YouTube videos. Ms. Stiles has gotten some flack from the snarky yoga snobs for being just another "yoga star" - and to those people I say Get Over Yourself.  Stiles approachable style has allowed many, many people to find yoga who otherwise would never think of walking into a studio.

Yoga Cures is a series of yoga routines anyone can do anywhere to remedy a list of ailments most of us will face at one time or another including anxiety, insomnia, PMS, shin splints, tension, broken heart, thyroid imbalance and many others. Each practice consists of written instructions as well as a picture of each of the poses, making it super easy to follow along.

My favorite part of Yoga Cures is Stiles doesn't just emphasize the asanas - physical postures. Most of her routines include the importance of beginning each practice with time for meditation. Stiles says meditation is nothing more than "calming the mind by watching the breath... The more we do it the more we realize that everything we need is right there inside."  Like she says,  we just have to do the work and the yoga will work for us.

The beginning chapters include some basic yoga info, a brief description yoga benefits, the Eight Limbs of Yoga, and the scientific evidence that yoga works. Everything is written in a light and easy to understand way - no fancy terms or scientific jargon.

The cures chapters include anecdotes from her students of how yoga helped has helped them and medical proof where applicable of how yoga can help with medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and fibromyalgia. Most of the cures routines are three to five poses and easily doable on a daily basis.

For those looking for a longer practice, the third section of the book is a series of 'At Home Yoga Retreats', both active and restorative for morning and evening time.

Crown Publishing has generously offered to send a copy of Yoga Cures by Tara Stiles to one reader of this blog. Simply leave me a comment describing how yoga has helped you with an issue you have dealt with and I will randomly select one person to receive your own copy of Yoga Cures!


  1. I have done yoga for 5 years and through 2 pregnancies. I can say without a doubt that yoga helped me have to amazing and natural childbirths. Yoga taught me to focus on my breath, calm my mind, and relax into rather uncomfortable poses. All these skills applied when it came time to give birth.

  2. It has been almost a year since my first yoga class which was the very last session of yoga in the park last year. I was extra special as there were only myself a Newbury and a very seasoned yogi, so it allowed Jennifer to focus on me. Yoga and Jemnifer have taught me to focus on my mat, my body and my mind. For me that was major as I am an all or nothing kind of participant. Learning this allowed me try many other classes I would have stayed away from because I worried I couldn't do IT ALL. I have learned to do what I can, modify what I need and not to fret What I can't do. I won't say I mastered the don't fret the what I can't do BUT I no longer allow the fear of failing to keep me from trying a new workout. Yoga has also taught me to let go of the daily grind when I am on my mat, it is the only place I concentrate on me and NOTHING else!
    Petrina Cole

  3. I started doing yoga after suffering a whiplash injury in a car accident. Yoga has helped me in so many ways - physical and mental healing that was very important for me to continue on (almost) normally. I'm so glad I found yoga when I did!

  4. I also recovered from a wiplash with yoga. It has helped me in tough times. Keeps me healthy in body and mind. Today I teach yoga to disabled people. I just love yoga <3

  5. Yoga has significantly changed my life in the six months that I have been doing it. I have MS, and my balance was horrible. Also, had problems with anixety. Yoga has taught me to quiet the mind and be in the present moment, not thinking about the past or future. I no longer have anixety issue, and doing the postures has grealty imporved my balance in a short amount of time. Everytime I think I reached a limit wihtin a posture, something shifts and I can do it a little better.

  6. I had insomnia as a child and taught myself to relax and go to sleep with yoga methodology without even realizing that is what I was doing ...

    Now that I'm an adult I've found that I sleep better and eat healthier when I've done at least :30 of yoga a day.

    I'm obsessed, thank you very much! :-)

    Plus I've lost 26 pounds since Jan. 12 by going vegetarian (but with eggs/cheese/seafood included - only Almond Milk though!) lifting weights, walking a minimum of two miles a day and doing the yoga. I started freaking out about turning 50 in Nov. 2013!

    I'm so committed I'm attending the YogaFit Level I class in July so when I move back to Charleston, SC I can, hopefully, instruct and continue my road to healthful living.

  7. i have done yoga on and off since my second pregnancy, it thrills and motivates me to see my four year old taking out her yoga book in the morning and joining me, i have just found out i have hypothyroidism and am looking forward to using yoga to help me with this as i am sure it can.

  8. Yoga has really helped me to develop a healthier body image. I never thought that I could get a good workout doing yoga, but I am so much healthier now than when I was doing only high impact activities. Tara is my favorite, and I'd love to win her book!

  9. Yoga has helped me with anxiety issues. Having recently moved, gotten married, and obtained a new job, I was really stressed out. I made it a rule to meditate/do yoga at least 5 times a week, no matter how busy life gets. Its improved my life and relationships. Like Robin above, I definitely consider myself a bit obsessed with yoga:)