Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Time Has Come

I think it's time for a name change on this blog.

I am very attached to the name Diapers, Detentions And Downdogs. That has been my life for 20 years now!

Last year when my book was published, I had experts in publishing and marketing tell me I needed to better brand myself. I needed a dedicated website and not just my blogspot blog. I refused to give up blogspot. I mean I flat out said no it will not happen. This blog helped save me and helped me restart my life.

So, we compromised and developed

They said I need to pin down who I am, what is my specialty, what makes me unique?


Really it was their way of saying the Diapers, Detentions and Downdogs name just wasn't professional. It was too broad and too vague.

Again I refused. I LOVE that name! It is never leaving. I even wrote about my attachment to the name in a post last summer:

Originally the blog was titled YogaLifeWay because, at the time, I was building an independent yoga business and that was the name I was using. The business was successful, but due to life's circumstances, it never really had a chance to take off.

And I'm OK with that. Life changes and we have to change with it.

I've always loved the Diapers, Detentions and Downdogs description and I want to keep that. That is my life. I no longer have diapers to change (hallelujah!), but as long as the independent, sometimes obstinate Fields kids are in school I'm sure I'll still have detentions to deal with. And I'll never get rid of downdogs.

I considered revising to:

A Yogi's Journey Through Diapers, Detentions, Death, Divorce & Downdogs

But that's a bit too much.

So I'm keeping the Diapers, Detentions and Downdogs part. But below I've added:

A Yogi's Journey To Create A Life She Loves

Because, really, that's what it's all about. 

But now here I am again. I think this time I'm ready to get rid of Diapers, Detentions & Downdogs. Maybe it really doesn't express who I currently am as well as it should.

I was reading through a list of other blogs tonight and I realized I was only clicking on the blogs whose blog name drew me in. Would Diapers, Detentions and Downdogs really draw anyone in? Especially if I'm not writing about diaper type stuff anymore?

So... it is time.

The blog shall now henceforth and always be titled:

Downdogs and Deadlines

Let's be real, my yoga and my writing are never going anywhere. I can't not practice yoga and I can't not write just like I can't not breathe. They are who I am.

Of course, the web address will stay the same:

I think, I hope, Downdogs and Deadlines gives a more accurate picture of who I am. 

I'm still keeping the A Yogi's Journey To Create A Life She Loves part under the title. Whether it's yoga, writing, or dealing the my kids detentions, I'm always moving forward to create a life I love.

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