Monday, November 28, 2016

Preparing For Winter On A Budget

I love my house. I stress about paying the mortgage, but I am eternally grateful that despite how horrible my divorce was, my ex-husband agreed the kids needed to stay in their home.

But, my house needs a lot of work. I regularly toy with the idea of selling it and moving out of Tennessee. But I know I won't get full asking price because of the repairs and upgrades it needs.

One of the biggest problems is the old, horrible windows and lack of insulation. In the winter my house is COLD. You can put your hands a good foot away from the windows and door and feel the air coming in.

In the past I have used weather stripping in differing thickness and materials. Last year I used that
plastic stuff that you stick onto the windows with a hair dryer. Both helped, but neither was a solution.

This year after much googling I found a weird but extremely cost effective way to insulate the windows.

Bubble wrap.

Yes, the kind of bubble wrap that you use to pack when you move.

I don't know why, but everything I read said it needs to be the large-size bubbles bubble wrap.

It's a really easy process:

  • Measure the window
  • Cut the bubble wrap to fit
  • Spray the window with plain water
  • Spray the bubble side of the bubble wrap
  • Stick the bubble wrap to the window
For some reason, just simple water is all it takes to attach the bubble wrap. 

I am testing the bubble wrap method on my bedroom windows first since they are the worst in the house. This morning there was just one little corner of bubble wrap that was coming off the window, but I just resprayed it with water and it went right back up.

We had a really bad storm today, lots of rain and 50mph winds. And I'm happy to report....

It is working!

I couldn't feel any wind coming in through the window.

This weekend I'll do the other windows in the back of the house. And if it works well enough I'll put the bubble wrap up in the front windows too. Even though it might look a little odd. 

It's not very pretty, but who cares as long as it works. And I have thick curtains that are supposed to keep out the heat / cold and when those are closed you don't see the bubble wrap anyway.


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