Sunday, November 20, 2016

Pretty Awesome Gamers

One of my friends is one of those super cool moms that makes Cosplay costumes for her kids and travels with her kids to different gaming and Comic Cons.

This weekend though, she took her super cool status to the next level by getting involved with a charity called Pretty Awesome Gamers.

From their website:

“We create super heroes! We are a Non Profit organization that awards terminally and chronically ill children full expense paid trips to ComicCons and Gaming Conventions. We supply them costumes to turn them into any character they want to be. Artists create special tailored art for the kids. And the parents get a free quality family time with their kids.”

You can read more about her experience volunteering at Cosplay conventions over on her blog Rayn Of Chaos. 

Thankfully my children have always been healthy, and I've never been a gamer myself. But two of my boys are very into gaming and have asked repeatedly about going to a Comic Con.  I think we will be finding a way to get involved with Pretty Awesome Gamers ourselves. 

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