Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday at the Farmer's Market

I love Farmer's Markets. Any market, any state, any city, any farmer. You meet the most interesting people!

I missed this summer's Farmer's Market season partly due to injured kids and partly due to working most Saturday mornings. Today was the final day of the local Memphis Farmer's Market and I had the morning off. So away to the Farmer's Market we went!

The kids most exciting find was real Philadelphia-style Italian water ice. The owner, Dee Moore, is originally from Baltimore and her husband is a Philly native. We shared our disappointment over the Phillies losing their chance at the World Series this year, our shame at the Eagles losing to the Titans last week, and of course, sampled her delicious Italian ice! You can find Ms. Moore on Facebook at Mama D's Italian Ice.

I enjoyed the time spent speaking with Farmer Ken,  the owner of Windermere Farms - one of the rare certified organic farms in my area. He explained the process for becoming certified organic, the struggle to keep farming organic and affordable at the same time, and he gave me some great tips on my own struggles with my little backyard garden.  I will definitely be taking a visit to his farm the end of April for pick-your-own strawberries! Check out all his other great fruits and vegetables at

I felt myself drawn to the woman selling fresh herbs. She convinced me it's not too late to plant some and they will certainly bloom again in the spring. I sure hope so because I bought this delightful pot of Peppermint. I'm going to plant it in the planter boxes on my backyard deck. Can you imagine the aroma as we flow together next Spring for Yoga on the Deck?
I wish this blog had Scratch and Sniff technology.
It smells like a Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie!

Look at those colors!
The peppers just look hot don't they?

Walking the aisles of the produce vendors delights all my senses. I had to take pictures of it all.

Kid #5
Kid #6

Of course the kids enjoy a place they can explore, play and enjoy all the free samples.

Kid #4

This picture made me realize she is watching way too much of that horrid tv show "America's Next Top Model". 
She insisted on posing for all of her pictures.
We need to get out more and explore!

Next year we will not wait until the last day to visit the Farmer's Market at the Agri Center here in Memphis. Don't look for me to be teaching the last Saturday in April - we'll be spending the day with the farmers!

I have a thing for yellow mums. Two of
these will be added to my front yard garden.

Giant pumpkin for only $6!

Not as cute as the nice cowboy letting
the kids pet his horse.
This trip and this blog wouldn't be complete without pointing out that I am in fact living in the rural South. I have been to farmer's markets before and I've been to horse shows before, but I've never 
seen a sign like this!
Cowboy Church
How cute is that?

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  1. Great pictures! looks like you all had fun. I love that place!!! I just liked the atmosphere and the photo ops. lol The people out there were so friendly and the samples were nice too.