Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Musical Bliss on the Yoga Mat

Music soothes the savage beast... William Congreve

My kids say they hate when I sing in the car. Although I don't think they really do. I think deep down they love the fact they have a mom who will blast Freebird and take the long way home so we can sing along to the end.

I love hearing a song and being instantly transported back in time to a good memory; dancing in the kitchen with my mom, my dance school solo to Fleetwood Mac's Gypsy or any 1980's song from when I was in high school. Who hasn't heard a song and been reminded of a summer of first love?

I know there are some yoga teachers who believe popular music doesn't belong in a yoga class. I disagree.  Music provides yet another opportunity to get in touch with who we are. Music is another opportunity to discover what we're looking for.  A song affects us in a certain why and we aren't quite sure why. I admit I've begun to weep listening to lyrics that express emotions I've been holding down.

Music heals my soul. How lonely and quiet life would be without a soundtrack.

This is one of my more popular yoga class playlists. I've made copies of U2 yoga for quite a few people. Perhaps it will soothe your soul as well.

Grace -- U2
Strength, Courage and Wisdom -- India Arie
Crazy (Acoustic version) -- Seal
You Found Me -- The Fray
Wild World -- Cat Stevens
One -- U2
Watching the Wheels -- John Lennon
Drift Away -- Uncle Kracker
Bad -- U2
God Is Real/Hare Ram -- Krishna Das
Driftwood -- Sleeping Buddha

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