Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tweets and Books in the Yoga Community

I admit I'm a little late to the Twitter party. Much like my introduction to the Facebook world, it took a lot of convincing by a friend of mine to get me to join. At first I just didn't get the whole Twitter thing. Wasn't it just a forum for celebrities to spout off  their opinions or where they shopped or who they were dating? None of which I really cared about anyway. I'm not famous, who would care what I have to say? I'm not known for my deep and profound thoughts.

However, I'm really beginning to enjoy the Twitter world. I've met many wonderful yoga teachers and enthusiasts from all over the world that I otherwise would never have connected with. Even in our allotted 140 characters we can share yoga tips, teaching frustrations and general life experiences. Right now both @MeredithLeBlanc and I are helping care for our sick mothers. The funny posts from @yogasavestheday expressing her frustrations with her boss and the demands of her job not only make me laugh out loud, but also remind me how grateful I am to be able to teach yoga as my career.

My Twitter friends have become part of  my Satsang -  my truth company. Satsang is a Sanskrit word for being in the company of the wise. With just an iphone and a Twitter app I've been able to expand my yoga world exponentially. Which in turn has opened up a new avenue for me to grow into and understand how yoga affects me and my life.

In fact, we've now formed a Yoga Book Club. We're reading Yoga School Dropout by Lucy Edge. There's no deadline or meeting time, as we read we tweet what we think of it, discuss and share. In fact, Bob Weisenberg (@BobWeisenberg) who writes for Elephant Journal has even joined our book club discussion. Mr. Weisenberg interviewed Lucy Edge for Elephant Journal( and has even teased us with the possibility that Ms. Edge herself may join our Twitter discussions.

I'd love for you to join our book club too. If you are already on Twitter you can find me @YogaLifeWay. Just start reading and when you post use hashtag #YSD to let us know you are talking about Yoga School Dropout and want to be a part of the book club.

If you're not on Twitter and just don't get it yet either, that's ok. I'll be posting my own review of the book here when I'm finished reading. Go ahead and post your thoughts here in the comments section. Let's discuss and make this Satsang even bigger!


  1. Hi, Jennifer. Isn't this Twitter book club a great idea? I was a Facebook, then Twitter skeptic myself for a long time. Now I'm a total convert to both. I've got a few columns set up in Tweetdeck ("Direct Messages", "Mentions", "Yoga Friends", "#yogadork", and now "#ysd") and I love the way, throught Retweeting and quick replies, I can be involved with everyone even when I'm short on time.

    Wow, six kids! As I wrote to a friend with just one brand new baby, "Could I recommend grandbabies? I'm finding them to much easier". Best wishes with your family.

    Bob W.

  2. Thanks for the mention and the satsang ♥ I hope your Mom is healing well. Thankfully mine is doing well.

    Om Shanti & Prem