Friday, February 4, 2011

Balance: How Many Classes do I Want/Need to Teach?

As a yoga teacher I'm constantly talking about, teaching about, and encouraging the search to find balance.

But as a human being I struggle to find balance in my own life. I love my job, but how much work is too much? At what point does my job interfere with my family or with myself?

I was presented with the opportunity today to take on more classes. The center was so impressed with the class I taught last week, they are giving me the option to pick how many days and what times I'd like to teach. And they gladly agree to my teaching fee.

I can't possibly turn that down. Right?

I'm leaning towards adding on three more classes. That would bring my total teaching schedule at all sites to 16 classes per week (not including private appointments). It would definitely affect my personal time - time I use for my own home practice, or to hit the gym, or even to sleep a little extra.

But I'm sure I can make it all work. Right?

Kid #2 was next to me tonight as I was writing out my potential new schedule.

"So I guess I can't join football weight training?", he asked.

"Why not," I said.

"Because who'll watch the little kids while you're at work that night?"

Oh. Stop. Where's the balance here?

I was so excited at a new teaching opportunity that I forgot to step back and breathe for a moment.

In years past I've taught 16 and even more classes per week. There was a definite lack of balance in my work vs home life. Granted, the kids were babies then, yet as they get bigger their needs get bigger too.

So I'm going to take the lesson from my on-the-mat practice to just drop for a minute to child's pose and breathe. I'm going to wait and listen to my breath. And let the answer come to me.

I love teaching yoga. I'm blessed to have a job I love. But it's a job. And no job should weigh enough to throw my life out of balance. Or stop kid #2 from joining the football team.


  1. Thanks for your post, Jennifer!
    Issues that I am already thinking about for our move to Finland and coming classes next autumn.
    Working with something you love is a blessing. Luckily our kids keeps us grounded.

    Wish you all success!

  2. You are not alone in this struggle. I am right there with you. Your post came at a time when I am also thinking about taking on more classes. Thank you for reminding me to think about balance.

  3. So true!! ditto here! I've always said my first job is "mommy" my second is "Yogini". It's tough wearing so many hats! :) You know what is best for you and your family :0)
    It sounds like a great opportunity!! Have fun!!

  4. from someone who has truly overdone the teaching in times past.....there are things to think about, the wear and tear on your body, your time, and can you truly be your best teaching x number of is balance, there can be too much of a good thing.