Friday, February 25, 2011

I Love You - A Visual Reminder

Sometimes, all it takes to make you feel better, to wipe out a rough time, to make you feel you matter, is for someone to look at you and say "I love you."

And mean it.

A genuine I love you can soften the hurt carried inside for too long. It can make you realize that your presence on the planet matters to someone. And they would notice if you were gone.

I got the most unexpected I love you today. And it left me speechless.

You know this little thing I do - teach yoga? Turns out it matters to some people. And those people surprised me today and showered me with generosity and love. They knew I've had some rough times lately and they wanted me to know they noticed. And they cared.

They were generous with their gift, but the time and effort that went into planning this surprise amazed me just as much.

Can you tell what their gift was? It's a new yoga mat with a picture of all my best yoga buddies on it!

The mat is from A really cool site where you can make a yoga mat from any image. It's the same place that Jennifer Aniston gave Oprah a yoga mat with a picture of her dogs on it. I have the same mat as Oprah!

But mine is so much better. My new mat is a reminder that someone, quite a few actually, love me and think I'm pretty ok.

The best part is in the upper right corner it says "You love us!"

And they are so right. I do love them. And will be forever grateful to them for carrying me through a bad time, lifting my spirits, and telling me I love you at the exact time I needed to hear it.


  1. Well, I think the "You Love Us" was also supposed to remind you of that when we're joking around and being off task during class. I think it's then that you love us the most. =)

  2. Aw, how fantastic! What a testament to what a great teacher you are and how incredible your students are.

  3. Well you know, I am not your student, but I do love you!