Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pink Pigs, Silly Songs & Meditation

The seventh limb of yoga is dhyana. Meditation. That elusive state of a calm, clear, peaceful mind.  I’ve heard it described as “sitting in the hands of God.”

You’ve seen the images of people sitting in lotus pose on the top of a mountain, the wind blowing, the sun setting, as they find inner peace and happiness. Yeah, that’s not me.

But I’m sitting in a teacher training workshop where we’ve just spent the past couple hours talking about meditation, what it means, how it relates to yoga, the medical and scientific benefits of it.  I’m interested and more than willing to try to find some inner peace.

I and my fellow yogis roll up our mats and blankets, find a place around the room, the lights dim and we begin to breathe. So far so good. I’ve been here what, a second or two? Then my nose itches. And my hips ache. I wonder if I am allowed to change positions once I start meditating? I figure this is probably against the rules so I stay still and suffer.  Isn’t there something about finding the true path through suffering? (There’s not by the way).

Ok, I’m here I’m breathing let’s make this happen. Finally my breath takes over and I feel my body begin to relax.  I don’t really notice it yet but my mind is actually becoming quieter.  My body is relaxing.

I don’t know how long I was in this relaxed state, but I was able to reach a place where I had an image. Are you ready for my grand and life-altering image? It was a giant neon pink pig running through the streets of Memphis.

What?  A giant neon pink pig? That’s not fair! I want to sit in the hands of God! What does a giant pink pig mean? I want a do over to this mediation!

Since then my meditation practice is very slowly evolving.  I’ve learned that setting my iPhone alarm for five minutes is a doable amount of time to carve out of my morning to sit still and breathe. Days I allow myself those five minutes are days I find myself more centered and better equipped to handle whatever the Universe throws at me.

But, still, I’m not always the picture of serenity.  In fact today was especially frustrating. My brain kept breaking out into Cee Lo’s song Forget You. Sure it’s a catchy tune: I’m like forget you, and forget her too.

Stop singing and just be quiet! Oh great now I’m yelling at myself for being a meditation failure.  This isn’t going well.

Although that’s why both meditation and yoga are called a practice. They are both a work in progress. There is no perfect meditation or perfect yoga.  Some days are quiet reflective sessions that bring me closer to the Divine. 

And somedays, well, it’s best to just break out into song and let myself sing.

For those not familiar with the song you can check it out here. (Note: this is the version NOT safe for work or children!) Cee Lo Green F* You

Here is the cleaned up Glee version - it's just as catchy! Glee / Cee Lo Forget You


  1. Well thanks a lot!! It's 11pm when I do my fave blog reading n now I have an earworm!! If I dream of a giant pink pig tonite at least I will know who to blame!
    Fun post! ;)

  2. Especially if the pink pig is singing Forget You!

  3. This is making me giggle:-) You sound like Elizabeth Gilbert, in Eat Pray Love. She was in India, and had to those 3hr morning meditation chants. She would get started just like you, arguing with your inner voice. LOL:-)

    Just be patient is what I was told, it can take a month, or even a year, to totally relax in meditation:-)

    AND I really do wonder what the pink pig symbolizes? :-)

  4. I've always heard that if you are singing (or have music in your head) that means you are happy. So having music in your head during meditation to me is a true peace and happiness. Rock on with your meditation!! BTW love Cee Lo!

  5. I think your Pink Pig meditation is awesome :) Personally, I don't think that your mind has to be dead quiet in meditation - it's what you do with what comes up that matters. If you get mad at it or judge it, that's not so good. But if you let it flow & do it's thing there's lots to discover.

  6. I loved this.. thanks! Tias Little says that mind quieting in meditation is bollocks for most people. Baby steps.. maybe for 5 min, then next time maybe 10. I love it!

  7. Once during meditation I saw myself melt......I thought maybe I was having a flashback from the hallucinogens I did, I really enjoyed it!
    Pink Pig sounds like fun to me!