Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Last night after dinner me and Kid 6 snuggled in to watch Hulu and get caught up on this season's Glee.

I fell asleep 10 minutes in.

So my Thanksgiving 2013 post is a day late. But it was a very good Thanksgiving. Very different than last years Pizza, Pie and Popcorn Thanksgiving. Although last years was pretty good too, much better than expected in fact.

The day began with yoga - always good. While I was away Kid 2 made homemade macaroni and cheese (with one pound of cheese!) and deviled eggs. Once home Kid 4 helped me prepare the turkey. I somehow convinced him it was an honor to be chosen to stick your hand up the turkey's butt to clean it and stuff it. Shh, let's let him keep thinking that.

Then off to the movies we went.

Except... I never turned the oven on! Thankfully I have fabulous neighbors with a key to my house who I can call and they go over and turn it on for me.

We had two extra people at our table this year. I love extras and always am willing to set an extra plate. There was lots of food, laughter, fun and eating.

A few of my favorite moments:

"John don't throw things at the guest!"
"I'll fight you for the last egg"
And, of course the never-ending discussion of how "Mom cheated this year and bought pies. THE PIES AREN'T HOME MADE!"

The bought pies actually weren't as good as home made, but with enough whip cream on top everyone ate them.

I've listed many gratitude moments involving my family at the dinner table. It is truly one of my happiest places to be.

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