Monday, April 6, 2015

Giving Birth To A New Life

Giving birth doesn't have to be literal. So far in my life I have birthed...

Giving birth to six kids wasn't the hard part. 

The agony I experienced, the crying, the screaming, the bearing down and pushing through the pain I never could have imagined, was all to birth a safe, happy home for my kids.

I'm embarrassed and saddened to admit my home wasn't always happy. And it wasn't always safe. I had to fight to create a life where my kids could invite friends over for late night gaming marathons without fear of a parent embarrassing them.  I worked hard to create a home where the neighbors heard laughter not anger from our open windows on summer nights. I endured a lot of pain before my home became a place we wanted to run to, not run away from.

Yes, I gave birth to six kids. More importantly I birthed a happy, safe, loving environment for them to grow in.

This post is part of #AprilMoon15, a series of daily writing prompts found at Kat McNally Words To Soothe The Weary Soul.


  1. Wow. A powerful post. That last line says it all really. Best wishes to you xx

  2. That is the most vital, the most powerful birth of all. So in awe of you. x