Thursday, December 3, 2015

Lady Luna #Reverb15

When was the last time you stopped to look up at the moon? 

What did she have to say to you?

I started my new part time job last week (for those keeping track at home, yes another part time job. I've lost count of how many part time jobs I currently have). The hours are 5pm to midnight six days per week.

So far it's working out well, the kids are still getting to their various activities thanks to lots of help from older brothers and from other dance moms. And I'm not too tired from working all day and then again until midnight. (Just kidding as soon as I'm done here I'm going to try and take a quick nap.)

But last night I was kind of grumpy when I finally left work at midnight. My back hurt from lifting and stacking boxes for the past six hours, I was annoyed that I had to spend so much money to get my new car fixed after the third car accident in six weeks, I was worried about having enough money for Christmas presents, I was hungry and I was tired. 

As I made the turn to drive home, I saw her. She was hanging low in the sky and she was shining brightly. 

The moon. The moon has always soothed me and brought me comfort. 

Last night, the moon told me "It's OK. It's all going to be OK."

Some nights I look up at the moon and realize that people I love far away are looking at the same moon as I am. That makes my heart smile.  The moon reminds me I am not alone.  Other times she tells me to sleep.

But always her message is the same, "You are OK."

When I look at the moon, I feel like I am getting a warm, soothing hug of security from the Universe.

This post is part of #Reverb15, a series of daily writing prompts found at Kat McNally Words To Soothe The Weary Soul. 

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