Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Low Points: #reverb13 Day 3

What was the low point of your year? How did you rise up, heal and move forward?

I didn't write this #reverb13 post last night because I just didn't know what my low point of the year was. Weird right?

My divorce was final. That was pretty low. I had a major falling out with Kid 1. That was horribly low.  

But when I think of low, I think of 2012. I think of sitting in the closet in the middle of the night trying to pry the gun cabinet open with a screw driver. I think of the nights of relentless insomnia where the only thing I could think to do was walk up and down the street at 3am with nothing but my dog by my side. The days that it just wasn't physically possible for me to get out of bed. 

Compared to all that, 2013 is my year to rise up, heal and move forward. 

Never looking back, always moving forward. 

This post is part of #reverb13, a series of daily writing prompts to explore the year passed and manifest the year ahead. I'm following the prompts found on Elephant Journal.

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