Monday, December 16, 2013

Sensory Highlights: #reverb13 Day 15

Give us a sensory tour of 2013. How would you describe the year that's passing in terms of: Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, Touch?

Joshua Tree National Park 
Sight: A desert sunset. My kids smiles. Little ballerinas in tights and leotards. Extra chairs pulled up to my dining room table. Colorful fruits and vegetables at the farmers market. The smiling face of a
friend walking off a plane. Crossing the finish line. My kids all together.

Sound: Laughter, more laughter and even more laughter. Singing in the car as we drive home. The waves crashing ashore. A late night text just to say hello and I am thinking of you. Music turned way up. 

Smell: Saltwater. An unrolled yoga mat. Vinegar. A Christmas tree. Saltwater again, it soothes me.

Taste: The best clam chowder I've ever eaten. Wine shared with a friend. Eating fresh organic cherries at work during their short summer season.

Touch: Picking up a cactus to keep as a souvenir from the desert and dropping it right away as my hand suddenly felt on fire. The cold Pacific lapping at my feet. The warm sun on my face. An embrace I never want to end. Braiding my girls hair. Snuggling under the covers. 

This post is part of #reverb13, a series of daily writing prompts to explore the year passed and to manifest the year ahead. This prompt was found at Kat McNally Words To Soothe The Weary Soul.

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