Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Green Goddess Explosion

In my on-going attempt to prepare healthy meals and snacks ahead of time, I had the ingenious idea to make a huge batch of Green Goddess smoothies at about 10:30pm last night.  My very inexpensive blender from Walmart did pretty good when I made a triple batch a few weeks ago, so why not double that and make 6 Green Goddess smoothies to freeze and have on hand?

What could possibly go wrong?

"Eww it looks like Shrek threw up in here!" said Kid #1 as he entered the kitchen.

No, I'm confident if I just hold down the lid it will stop overflowing. But watch out in case the whole thing blows I said.

Of course, it did eventually blow and I had Green Goddess smoothie all over the counters. After I cleaned up the mess I was able to save enough for four servings.

I had half a serving this afternoon. I would have finished the rest but kid #6 asked for a sip and ended up finishing it all.

It's time to buy a bigger blender!


  1. Truly reminded you of Shrek. lol
    Good post.


  2. I can down just a few green recipes, so if you have some halfway decent ones let me know.
    I have been juicing celery, kiwi and cucumber and it is not bad.

  3. Oh, I just know this is going to happen to me one day!