Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Myth vs. Fact: How Yoga Helps Detox Your Body

The body’s detoxification systems are designed to run without any external forces. A regular yoga practice, including vigorous asana and pranayama, as part of an overall wellness plan, can help the natural detox system run more efficiently

Other ways to help your body run at a prime level include:

Limit your intake of high-fat foods and alcohol to maintain a healthy liver.

Drink plenty of water to help the digestive tract flow smoothly and to eliminate waste.

Replace prepackaged food with whole food.

Limit or avoid chemicals in self-care products such as lotion and makeup.

Participate in a regular exercise routine.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Garden Time

I had decided this year I was not going to do my front gardens.

It's too time consuming. It's too hot. I have to water every night because of this God-awful Memphis heat. It's too expensive buying mulch and flowers. I have too much else to do. I hate the weeding part of it all.

But each day as I drove into my driveway and walked up the steps to the house it just looked awful. The gardens were overgrown with weeds. There was grass growing between the sidewalk.

It looked pitiful.

So about 11pm last night I decided today was the day and I was going to make a garden again this year.

I started about 9am when it was only about 85 degrees outside. I took my first break at 11:30 when it hit 95. I kept working outside all day between distractions and other obligations.

I was hot. I was dirty. I was bug bitten. I had a headache from forgetting to eat.

But about 6:30pm I was finally finished.  And I was happy.

There are so many projects inside the house that need completed (big ones like needing to drywall the ceiling from the heater leak this winter) that depress me when I look at them, that I wanted to at least smile when I first came home after a long day at work.

Even the kids said the front looks so much nicer now.

Next up, make the back yard look nice again.

And fix the hole in the ceiling from the heater leak :(

Thursday, May 31, 2018

A Note From An Old Friend

I've been silent for months.

For all the usual reasons; work, time, energy, lack of creativity, Netflix.

And then I got a very unexpected card in the mail and I've been buzzing ever since.

My old friend Kat McNally of dilettante & druid sent me the most lovely card all the way from Australia. It even had one those neat overseas postages on it. And Kat is so cool that she has her own seal for her cards that my kids were fascinated by.

The card was random and completely unexpected.

And an absolute lovely end to my day. Kat remembered me! She had been thinking of me! All the way from Australia!

But, Kat also send me some magical fairy dust. I've been buzzing ever since wanting to write again. My brain won't shut up this week about getting back to writing book #2. I was even up at 5am today on my yoga mat!

I'm not sure what magic Kat has in Australia, but I'm forever grateful that she has shared it with me.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Yoga for Addiction: 7 Ways Yoga Can Support Your Treatment Program

7 Ways Yoga Can Complement a 12-Step Strategy

Yoga makes a natural companion to 12-step programs in a variety of other ways as well:

  1. Teaching pranayama, or controlled breathing, to gain control of thoughts and emotions
  2. Emphasizing the spiritual connection through meditation and prayer
  3. Gaining a sense of self-discipline to avoid impulsive or negative actions
  4. Releasing negative energy through movement with the asanas
  5. Developing a sense of accomplishment leading to increased self-esteem and decreased feelings of inadequacy
  6. Creating a stronger, healthier body leading to a stronger, healthier mind
  7. Developing a connection to other like-minded yogis in recovery