Thursday, October 6, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge

Confession time. I really should be doing my yoga teacher training homework right now.

Instead I decided to take a mental break and read some of my favorite blogs.

My friend Thais at Living in the (k)Now is participating in the October 30 Day Photography Challenge that she found at the Moxie And Marmalade Blog. Thais always has great pictures on her blog and I'm also loving what I see on Moxie and Marmalade.

Although I don't shoot much anymore, my minor in college was photography and I still have a bit of a passion for it.

I told Thais if we weren't already 6 days in to the challenge I'd participate too (and I'm really supposed to be doing homework right now). No problem! she said. Just jump in today. My future personal stylist Bee from @beeyondyoga is also joining in on the challenge. She said it's ok to pull some pics from my files to use and start taking new pics tomorrow.

Ok, I'm in!

Did I mention the past 30 minutes I spent trying to find old pics I should have been doing my homework?

First, here is the challenge:

And now, the photos:

Day 1: Self Portrait

Day 2: What you wore today
Yoga Clothes - pretty much my standard outfit most days
Day 3: Clouds
Rosarita, Mexico February 2006
Day 4: Something green

Day 5: From a high angle

Day 6: From a low angle

And now I really need to get to my homework!


  1. Welcome to the challenge. I really like your cloud and low angle photos! Can't wait to see your new photos. And good luck with the homework ;)

  2. SO GLAD you decided to join us =) pft homework shomework. posting photos is a million times funner haha cant wait to see what beautiful photos you come up with!! and i LOVE your self portrait. sexayyy