Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Little Bit of Woo Woo in my Yoga

The end of day 3's yoga teacher training.

I'm exhausted, my brain is fried and I have hit the point where I am sitting in class staring blankly, maybe some drool escaping down my chin and all I can think is WTF are we talking about?

But I've been through this enough times now I know that tomorrow, day 4 and our final day (for now), it will all come together.

Three days of subtle energy work, chakra assessments, pendulum practice, pranyama and mudras.

Sometimes when I'm teaching my classes and I begin to cue less anatomy and more energy or feeling actions,  I'll say, "now just stay with me here, this may sound a little woo woo but here me out." My class knows woo woo is a term for 'ok, Jennifer's going all tree-hugging yogi on us.'

Well this weekend has had some real woo woo moments. But some very cool woo woo moments.

As a very left brain and linear thinker, I keep referencing Ayurvedic principles in our studies this weekend. Finally, the instructor pointed out to me that Ayurveda is the science and medical side to yoga where subtle energy is the non-medical side. Ohhhh.

Not only do they complement each other but they also prove each other. So I guess by me constantly bringing up what I've learned through Ayurveda it is my way of proving what we were learning about. Of course, there are TONS of scientific studies cited that also give credibility to subtle body work, but this was my way of processing it all.

So even a logical thinker like me can understand and embrace the woo woo.


  1. I've spent far more time studying the woowoo side these last 10 years, which I never thought I'd do. I explored yoga at first from the ayurvedic side and looked askance at how they intertwined. I think it was mostly because I was afraid of touching those places that scare me. Fortunately, yoga is always there waiting for me, whenever I'm ready to (re)discover the aspects that will bring new insights and new healing.

  2. Jennifer, you know me, I LOVE the woowoo! so glad the training is going good, so wish I could have been there! Hugs to all, and remember to send some love and energy to Jackie.

  3. i like a dose of woo woo in my yoga, too. ;)