Sunday, November 23, 2014

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie: The Home Improvement Version

A good friend of mine says home improvement projects are very much like one of my favorite children's books, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.

In my version, it goes a little something like this:

If you help me paint my kitchen, I'm going to want to paint my cabinets.
If I take down my cabinet doors I'll have to scrub them clean.
If I am scrubbing clean the cabinet doors I might as well scrub clean the cabinet frames.
If I am going to repaint the cabinet doors, I need to repaint the handles and other hardware.
If I am going to repaint the walls, cabinets and hardware, I need a new kitchen counter.
If I am going to redo my kitchen counter, I'd really like to retile the floor.
Hey if I am retiling the floor can we tile the back splash behind the sink and stove?
Now that my walls are repainted I need new decor.
My kitchen looks so fresh and new I need a new dining room table.
Since the kitchen redo budget is already blown I'm going to paint my table.
But first I need to scrub it clean and sand it down.
And if I'm going to scrub my table clean, I might as well...
Sit and enjoy a cookie in my nice new pretty kitchen.

As of tonight I've accomplished the first four lines of my story. The only reason I quit for the night is because my dad, who is visiting from out of town, is watching football and keeps asking "what are you doing out there?"

So I decided to call it a night and continue tomorrow.

And then I sat and enjoyed a cookie.