Sunday, November 15, 2015

My New Website

Last week I wrote about needing a more professional presence if I was going to run with the big dogs.

One of the most important things I was told to do was to make a website with a dedicated URL. I was concerned about 1 - developing a website on my own that didn't look like I didn't know how to design a website, and 2 - losing all my content here on Blogger. I just can't leave this blog behind.

Well, thanks to my blog friend Stephanie Faris for suggesting a web platform and to everyone I asked to do this for me that told me it's really not that big a deal I can do it myself, I now proudly announce my new website:

And no, I am not leaving Blogger. The blog tab on the website brings you right back here!


  1. I'm pleased to read that you’re keeping your blog even though you have a brand new website. With two sites, you should increase your chance of a busy woman coming across your book and purchasing it. The new website looks great; the eye-catching background is a good choice. As you say, you're running with the big dogs now.

  2. Taking the plunge and gaining a more professional image can be scary. I did it myself just a few years ago when I got my .com address. One tip I found when going big time like you did is too write engaging content for your readers and keep your website updated. You'll find your readers coming back for more.