Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I've Been Tagged

I’ve been tagged by Sherri at her random thoughts.  I wasn’t sure what it meant at first, but it’s a way to get to know other bloggers. If you haven’t read her random thoughts, make sure you check out Post It Note Tuesday. She has the best posts on Tuesdays and it’s seriously making me consider speaking in Post It Notes only!

4 Shows I Watch
1 – True Blood
2 – Criminal Minds
3 – Real Housewives series (Don’t judge. I’m being honest)
4 – Entourage

4 Things I’m Passionate About
1 – My kids
2 – Yoga
3 – Reading
4 – Family

4 Phrases I Say A Lot
1 – Just because
2 – There’s no chocolate in this house!
3 – What do you want for dinner? No I don’t want that pick something else
4 – If there’s any fighting you all go to bed

4 Things I Have Learned From the Past
1 – Time does heal all wounds it just doesn’t take away the scars
2 – It’s easy to forgive but hard to forget
3 – Giving up hope is just giving up
4 – You always have a choice

4 Places I Would Like To Go
1 – Hawaii
2 – Key West
3 – Colorado
4 – New Mexico

4 Things I Did This Weekend
1 – Celebrated kid #2 and kid #5’s  birthday
2 – Went to three different stores in search of winter coats for the kids. It’s mid-December and we had a hard time finding a decent winter coat!
3 – Dusted, vacuumed, cleaned
4 – Saw a shooting star

4 Things I Am Looking Forward To
1 – Going home for Christmas
2 – Continuing yoga teacher training
3 – This year being over
4 – Watching the local yoga community grow

4 Things I Love About Winter
1 – Wearing boots – not snow boots but stylish, fun boots
2 – Snuggling on the couch with a blanket
3 – Soup Sundays
4 – Snow days

4 Things On My Wishlist
1 – My mom to be healthy
2 – To win Powerball to pay off all the bills
3 – To continue yoga teacher training
4 – A better year next year

4 People I Tag
1 – Natalie - a fun blog from my friend and first time mom. She's got a great sense of humor and is a way cool mom! May The Schwartz Be With You
2 – Jilda - great, thought provoking writing from a wonderful soul. Transformation Information
3 - Emma Magenta - an Anusara yoga teacher in New Jersey, which is close enough to home for me to like her automatically  Emma Magenta Blog - To Move and Be Moved
4. Meredith LeBlanc - a fellow yogi and dog lover The Pondering Yogini

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  1. Oh, I love playing blogger games. i can't wait to do this post this week.