Sunday, January 23, 2011

You Might Be In A Yoga Teacher Training If...

  • You spend Saturday night alone in your hotel room studying the insertion angle of the femur bone.
  • You know what the acetabulum is, where it is and how to spell it.
  • You know acetabulum isn't a dirty word.
  • You use the ice bucket to keep the non-fat Greek yogurt fresh you bought at the local market. 
  • You are eating the yogurt for both breakfast and lunch instead of paying for meals in the hotel restaurant.
  • But you consider it an investment to buy some cool, new overpriced yoga gear from the school boutique.
  • After spending 8 hours in class and 2 hours doing homework, you still read ahead in the manual so you can get a head start on tomorrows lesson.
  • You get up super early to fit in a sunrise yoga class before yoga teacher training starts at 7:30am.
  • You know the phrase "where are you in your journey" is another way of asking what training level you are in right now.
  • You wonder if you have enough chairs at your fitness center to put all your students into chair headstands.
  • Your muscles are sore but your brain actually hurts. 
  • Before the week is over you've made three new yogi BFF's and make plans to see each other at next year's yoga teacher training.
  • You board the plane home so exhausted you have trouble carrying your yoga bag.
  • You are already counting the days until you can go again!

    Working on our tan during lunch break.
    Really, we worked hard!

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