Saturday, January 1, 2011

Living The Yoga

When you realize how PERFECT everything is... you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky. ~ Buddha 

It's been ten days since I've taught or attended a yoga class. Ten days without traditional asana or the fellowship of other yogis. No, I haven't abandoned yoga. I've been living my yoga this week.

Flight delays? Just breathe.

A holiday vacation with extended family in an overcrowded house? Say I love you.

Meals eaten out and on an irregular schedule? Keep the meals healthy to balance the between meal sugar overload.

Sore back, hips and shoulders from sharing beds or sleeping on air mattresses? Seated hip openers and spinal twists throughout the day.

Being told you are going to miss your connecting flight and will be spending the night in Atlanta with your six children? Just breathe. 

Finding out the next day's flight is overbooked and you will probably be spending two days in Atlanta with your six children? Trust the universe has an exciting adventure waiting for you.

Finally being airborne, and a little dog escapes it's pouch across the aisle from you and the stewardesses are trying to catch him but he's too fast and keeps darting under the seats? Just laugh.

Live, Love and Laugh. That is yoga.


  1. Oh I adore this post!!!! Thankyou!
    Happy 2011

  2. Next time you are up in the air - try a little airplane yoga!
    Did you really get stranded in Atlanta that long? What did you do?
    Love this post - a great reminder to me to always live the yoga to get through those daily little bumps!