Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My MSOD Girls Make the Blog & Make Me Smile

I've been working all year with a group of teenage girls at a local dance school. Giggly, goofy, hormonal, flaky, beautiful, wonderful teenage girls. They are my last class on Monday night - my looonnggg day of work. They are #7 of 7 classes I teach that day. So by the time I see them I am tired and out of energy.

And then they start laughing. Or telling me stories of what happened at school that day. Or asking me about my teen boys (whom they are never allowed to meet). And suddenly I'm not so tired.

I'm Facebook friends with a couple of them and a few of them are YogaLifeWay blog readers. As the year wore on they kept asking "when will you blog about us Miss Jennifer" and "hey maybe I'll make the blog tonight."

Well, lovely girls, tonight is your night!

Our focus this year was on building core strength, preventing injuries and applying muscle control and isolation to their dance moves. Basically, we made their jumps higher, the splits longer and their pirouettes prettier.

As we got closer to the end of the year and they were working harder on perfecting their dances for recital, I lightened up a bit and didn't always require we do pilates hundreds or full vinyasas.

Instead we choreographed a yoga dance. My only rule was the dance had to be all (mostly) yoga poses. What started out as a silly little one night only diversion, turned into weeks of rehearsal and even turned me into a wanna-be choreographer. I couldn't hear our song on the radio without thinking of new yoga poses/dance moves.

By the last night our fun little activity turned into an impromptu show as the parents lined up outside the classroom window to watch. And, yes, I was quite proud when the dance school director called it "a way cool modern dance number."

So, without further adieu, I present to you the girls of MSOD Yoga/Pilates class and their yoga dance.


  1. This is fantastic! Girls loving their bodies and each other! Keep up the amazing positive influence - and the music too!