Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thank You To My Stand In Moms

Being married to a military guy, I've spent most of my adult life living away from family. I haven't had the luxury of having my mom close by for holidays, babysitting or daily advice.

That's where my stand-in moms come in.

I've been extremely fortunate to have an amazing group of intelligent, strong, loving women step in and be there for me when I needed them.

When I lived in Jacksonville, FL my boss at the newspaper was more than just a boss. She was the first woman to take me under her wing. I'm embarrassed to admit I can't remember her last name anymore, but when my my first child was born,  Sandy was right there outside the hospital nursery crying and hugging me with my own mom. And when my mom had to leave Florida to go back home, Sandy was there to tell me it's OK, sometimes babies just cry and I'm not doing anything wrong.

Never too old for yoga!
My current group of stand in moms is quite literally a group. They are my SilversSneakers class members at my local YMCA. SilverSneakers is a senior health and fitness program. We meet three times a week for yoga and low impact aerobics. They range in age from 50ish all the way up to 84.

Eighty-four years old and still stepping back into Warrior II and bee-bopping around the room to blaring 60's music!

My SilverSneakers class has stuck by me through sick kids, financial issues, work issues, husband issues and this year, they helped me through losing my mom.

As mom was dying of cancer, knowing I needed to get to work each day with a smile on my face and stand in front of this feisty group kept me going. And the days when I didn't have a smile on my face, that was OK with them too. And even on the tough days, I always left class smiling.

This group has been through it all. They've lost parents, children, spouses and friends. They've lived through bad times including wars, floods and financial losses. Yet they keep going and show up to the YMCA every morning.

My SilverSneakers group, and yes I call them MY group, never hesitates to give me advice (wanted or unwanted), encouragement and most of all their love.

All the things I no longer can get from my mom.

I miss my mom, but am eternally grateful for all my stand-in moms.

Happy Mother's Day.


  1. You work with an incredible group. I miss seeing them everyday. Hope you had an amazing day....

  2. so sweet! I love it! I feel the same way about a bunch of my students that I teach at a gym. I've actually been thinking about doing the silver sneakers training. we'll have to discuss it.

    happy mother's day to you! lovely post xo

  3. I look forward to being a part of a silver sneaker group someday...