Monday, October 3, 2016

6 Teen-Approved Podcasts For Family Listening

Earlier this summer me and three of the kids embarked on an 11-hour car drive to Iowa.

Iowa - the land of corn and cows. Well, corn, cows and dance competitions

Kid 4 had left a couple days ahead of myself and Kids 5 & 6 so our ride up there wasn't quite as snug as the ride home. But we were only about 3 hours into the drive when already the bickering and "I'm bored" mantras started.

In order to drown out the whining, I turned on one of the podcasts I have on my phone that I listen to either in the gym or out walking the neighborhood.

What happened next was pure magic.

They got quiet and listened. And asked for another episode. And another.

Podcasts were so successful I made sure to download some new ones before our return drive home.

You can read more about our family's favorite podcasts on my new post here.

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