Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yoga Bitch: My Elephant Review Post

Reasons why you should read my latest Elephant Journal post:

A Yoga Bitch Interview and Review

  1. How can you not love a book called Yoga Bitch?
  2. After talking with the author so much, I'm pretty sure she's the kind of person me and my friends would be friends with.
  3. Have you ever drank your own pee? Sound gross? Read the book.
  4. Of all the yoga journey books out there now, this one is the most real.
  5. I don't get paid to write the YogaLifeWay blog so if I'm saying a book is worthy, than it's worthy! (Note: I'm willing to entertain offers to write for pay)
  6. Support independent journalism and after reading my posts on Elephant Journal, check out the other cool posts by even cooler writers than me.


  1. I am going to read this book! if nothing else, because the title is so cool, and of course you recommend it. By the way, I have someone from the Horn Lake, Ms area that is looking for yoga class, do you know of one?

  2. I am halfway through this book - it's real, hilarious and a must read for every yogi!!